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Kenowa Hills Public Schools is located in the northwest suburban corner of the greater Grand Rapids with an enrollment of 3,000 students. The District has an exceptional early childhood program at its Early Childhood Center, servicing the needs of our Pre-Kindergarten learners, as well as before and after school childcare for elementary age learners. We have three elementary schools, one middle school, one high school and three secondary satellite programs, Knights STEM Academy, Pathways and Middle College. Kenowa Hills is viewed as a leader in Michigan for its work in competency-based education. At Kenowa Hills, our greatest goal is preparing our students for a successful future. The traditional grade-based approach to advancement in school has been an unfortunate obstacle in this; every student learns at their own pace and in their own way, and it’s difficult to support the needs of every individual in a time-based school system. We think that this system is restrictive to student learning, and that’s why we became one of the first schools in Michigan to embrace competency-based education, or what we call, Personal Mastery. Learners at Kenowa Hills enjoy modern, well-equipped facilities at all grade levels thanks to the generous support of the community through the passage of a $14M bond proposal in 2010 and $55M bond proposal in 2016. Safety, security, technology and improved learning environments are being accomplished through our community's investment in our schools.

District Mission

Cultivate and graduate globally competitive citizens

Career Learning

We offer career and technical coursework through the Kent Career Tech Center and Knights STEM Academy, which is the only classroom in the state that is within an advanced manufacturing business. In this setting, middle and high school age learners are presented with industry problems that are solved through project-based learning that incorporates the curricular concepts that are taught in math and science.  Learners in our Pathways program participate in job shadows and internships based on their career interests. Learners in this program have flexibility through a seat-time waiver to complete the course work required for graduation while participating in an internship in their career of interest.

Academics and Beyond

Strong academics are the basis for all of K-12 learning beginning with literacy, mathematics, science and social studies. In addition to these areas, we engage students with a wide range of courses including advanced placement courses, dual-enrollment courses through local colleges and universities and a Middle College partnership with Davenport University where students earn an Associates Degree in the area of technology, nursing or business, along with their high school diploma after a fifth year of high school.  We also offer a wide array of athletics, fine arts and clubs, which are based on student interest.

Support for Students

We work hard to support students so they succeed, including hiring the best staff to assist them. In addition, we have extended learning opportunities including after school and summer academic programs, as well as enrichment opportunities for those learners who want to dive deeper into an area of interest.

Early Childhood

Early childhood is a crucial time in children's lives, a time when they engage in the world around them and learn the basics they'll use in school and beyond. Our Great Start Readiness Preschool program helps children prepare for school success. In addition,our Early Childhood Center offers a tuition-based program for 3 and 4-year olds, as well as an academic enriched childcare program and Early Childhood Special Education classrooms for qualifying students.

Fund Allocation

How Kenowa Hills is using the funds generated from the enhancement millage:

  • Lower classroom sizes at the early childhood level through the addition of one more young-fives kindergarten classroom, one more kindergarten classroom and one more 3rd grade classroom
  • Maintaining the School Resource Officer position, a partnership with the Kent County Sheriff's Department
  • Increasing our STEM program to introduce coding, electrical, robotics, engineering and design to all of our elementary learners.

Enhancement millage dollars

Kenowa Hills Public Schools has received the following enhancement millage dollars:

  • 2017-18 amount received - $659,524.12
  • 2018-19 amount received - $705,909.45
  • 2019-20 amount received - $745,526.11
  • 2020-21 amount received - $783,678.06
  • 2021-22 amount received - $807,307.73
  • 2022-23 amount expected -$838,909.13

Kenowa Hills Logo

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Cultivate and graduate globally competitive citizens.

About Our District

Kenowa Hills Public Schools is a growing district located in the northwest suburban corner of the greater Grand Rapids area. Included in the school district is a unique blend of residential housing areas, significant business and commercial development and a sizable rural area in the heart of some of the state's prime fruit growing country. Kenowa Hills is known for its quiet country setting - yet the location provides easy access to a variety of entertainment and dining experiences. Kenowa Hills Public Schools was formed in the early 1960's with the consolidation of nearly a dozen single-building and mostly rural school districts.

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Superintendent, Gerald Hopkins

Superintendent, Gerald Hopkins