Information Systems

Information Systems

The Information Systems team provides support for many applications, including PowerSchool, Microsoft SQL server, MIPSE and several custom applications. 

Our successes are hosting PowerSchool services for 6 LEA districts and List Serves. The Information Systems team hosts quarterly user group meetings and workshops for our group members. We also facilitate the information exchange between the ISD and sending school districts.

  • PowerSchool SIS Support
  • PowerSchool SIS Training
  • Online Enrollment
  • Bright Arrow
  • Pupil Accounting
  • MiDataHub
  • Bright Arrow Notifications
  • MiDataHub Support
  • Pupil Accounting Support
  • PowerSchool SIS Customization Services
  • Sql Report Creation
  • PowerSchool SIS Implementation Support

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CenterBased PowerSchool Portal Teachers/Students/Parents: