Our Brand

Kent ISD logo

In January 2019, Kent ISD’s executive team and School Board approved the organization’s pursuit of a new logo. Up until that time, despite enormous changes to Kent ISD itself, the logo had been the same since the 1960’s. With the acquisition of the region’s special education center programs on the horizon, it was clear that it was time for a refresh. We needed a new logo to help unify the existing staff with the new, and to better represent our overall brand of service, leadership, collaboration and innovation.

Our new logo, unveiled August 14, 2019, was developed by designers at Keen Studio, in Grand Rapids, guided by members of a specially-formed Logo Advisory Team consisting of staff from across the organization. The primary logo is comprised of the wordmark and graphic.

The Wordmark

The Kent ISD name is prominent and bold. It’s presented in a serif font which is both classic and modern at the same time. Traditionally, serif fonts convey a sense of respectability, reliability and even comfort. Now, more dynamic serif fonts are reemerging in contemporary design and are the new modern font. With our name in this font the combination of meanings conveys credibility and professionalism, and also a sense of being at the forefront of our industry.

The Graphic

The graphic element is made up of two different colored triangles that merge to form a new triangle, a new color and the letter K. The triangles themselves give a sense of strength and stability. The merger of the triangles represents

  • our collaboration with partners, the community, local districts and others
  • the merger of Kent ISD and the special education center programs (official July 1, 2019)
  • our innovation and constant development of new programs and services
  • diversity in the districts, educators and students we serve, and our own striving toward internal diversity

The third, center triangle is also an arrow which suggests forward thinking and forward action as it points forward and in the color green (green means go!).

The Tagline

When present, the tagline is in a gradual blend of colors called a gradient – the blues and greens of the logo graphic. This gives life and movement to the logo overall as the gradient almost makes the words appear to move forward. It also suggests a blending of things and the creation of new as it moves from one color to the next. And again, it represents the diversity of the students, educators and communities we serve.